Hello once again,

Just wanted to say hello and report that we are all doing well. We have been enjoying this Winter Weather with our days not even getting above freezing. We acually got a little bit of ice and snow. Emily has been out of school now for a while and just went back yesterday. We still have a little bit of snow still on the ground. We have been staying in and playing games with Emily just having some fun family time. Emily was ready to go back to school, but I loved having her home with me.

Ella Kate is growing so fast. She started walking three days after Christmas. She loves it and thinks it’s funny because she can get where she’s going pretty fast. She is so loveable and is always giving kisses. She finally cut her top tooth where you can fully see it on Christmas Eve. She only has three teeth now, but she can eat anything she wants.

We had a wonderful Christmas. The girls had so much fun, papaw came to stay with us and Ella Kate would not go to anyone but him. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways, Christmas is a wonderful time to remember Him & His miraculus birth.

We have had fun, but we are ready to open the pool back up. We are more beach people than mountains. We love the warm weather and all the fun it brings with it.

We hope your all doing well. Please post and keep us updated with you! We love you all & miss you.

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