I have always been the type to let my children help me with the chores. When they are little they are eager to help and by letting them, this helps make them feel important. As they get a little older it feels more like punishment making them do chores. I hate going through this everyday especially with my almost 10 year old.

Around our house with schooling taking up most of our day, there is much needed help at the end of the day. I believe through helping as a family teaches our children team work and discipline.

Today we came up with something different to try to make it a more fun. (See photos below)

How to make:
*Created in Word from a business card template.
*Laminated and cut (would have been better on colored paper but I was out)

How it works:
*Put in a cute basket (we did an Easter basket since it is almost Easter)
*Keep it FUN
*When it’s time to do chores they “get” to DRAW from the basket
*Discard back to the same basket. Something like dishes or vacuuming is needed daily at our house. I figure if they get dusting or windows that should be done weekly then they can just exchange it.
*Each get 4 cards when drawing (that is about the same amount of chores each child does daily at our house. This way it just doesn’t have to be the same old chore everyday.
*I will allow the children to exchange cards if they both agree.
*My girls LOVE to make their daddy proud! So I take a picture of them with the card and text it to daddy while he is away. This will also make him smile : )

My 4 year old couldn’t wait! Excited and willing…..I do have to keep in mind it is a great job well done even if it isn’t to my standards. I will encourage and train at the same time, but I do not push her until it is to my liking. This will only cause discouragement and the fun is over.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Hopefully this will train them to be great housekeepers when they are in college and even when they become housewives one day.

Serving Christ,

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