Daddy had to go to Illinois for a full week for training on his job. Us girls missed him so much, this was the first time he had ever even spent the night away from us. Nothing was quite the same without him. We made a deal to not eat his favorite food while he was gone…of course Mexican.

It was a long boring week without him. However I tried to make it fun! We watched movies every night (mostly Ella Kate’s choice) we cooked popcorn, cookies (Emily did a great job baking). We stayed up later but slept later and we did a lot of talking (about daddy) and wondering what he was doing at different times and wondering if he missed us and was as miserable as we were.

We got a text from daddy that he was packed and boarding his plain and our excitement grew. We were as excited as kids on Christmas Eve!!! We suddenly started receiving play by play text of daddy’s arrival. Then he was finally pulling in our drive way (like 4 hours later)!! Needless to say it was the happiest day ever!! We agreed next time all the girls go too : ) This is how the girls greeted him!!! And yes we went to Mexican for dinner.

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