Well another one is down in the books. I look forward to VBS all year. The planning, praying, decorating, etc.  So much goes into preparing for this revival for the kids and it’s all packed into a few hours in one short week. My girls helped so much with drawing and painting. Stephen helped with just about everything! I worked him crazy for the week. 

This year was awesome with the theme Ocean Commotion. The kids loved it! We’re all still singing the songs. 

We averaged 50 kids per day and 35 workers! I am so thankful to all our volunteers! Everyone jumped in and helped make it happen. I am so proud of our Youth for all their hard work all week. 

Emily helped me in so many ways especially making the closing video. She did such a good job, I am so proud of her and her excitement to participate. I loved getting to see all the kiddos sweet faces in the closing video. What a precious thing to watch. 

So many memories were made but the most memorable is the  4 decisions for Christ, making it all worth it! All glory to God!  
Stephany Dedman

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