Valentines is a wonderful time to show your loved ones just how special they are.  Valentines Day is a very special day for our girls and the excitement begins early.  We have traditions that we love to keep. Here are a few of ours:

       Meet Sarah and Katie 2/11/2014

We plan ahead to beat the crazy packed places.  We always take the girls to Build A Bear instead of buying bears that will end up at the Salvation Army by next year.  They love these bears and can tell you each ones names from years ago. 

The girls pick out cards and candy for friends, neighbors and our Sunday School classes.  We like to get cards and candy from Lifeway because it includes scripture on each one. We let the girls pick out a few things to fill a bag for each other (it was really fun this year because Ella Kate was old enough to really participate (bags include candy, homemade cards/I love you notes and sweet homemade drawings for each other).  

When they wake up they run straight to the kitchen counter where they will find bags of goodies from Daddy.  Bags are filled with chocolates, a card and a little special treat {this year he got them a heart ring and heart earrings from Claire’s}.  He tells them how much he loves them and then will give them a five minute sermon of how much God loves them {they sigh} but it usually ends up with good conversation. 


This is a fun day for homeschooling because there are tons of fun crafts. This year the girls picked out shirts for iron ons and paint.  This was a really fun craft and they have a cute shirt to wear. 

How do you spend Valentines? Do you have any fun family traditions to share? 

Happy Valentines! 

Stephany Dedman
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