Are you getting ready for Valentines?  We love this holiday because you can incorporate the Love of Jesus throughout your teachings the whole month.  I want to share this Valentines lapbook with you.  I found all the downloads for this lapbook here:

There are so many things to choose from to add to this lapbook.  I let Ella Kate help pick out what she would want to do.  Your child could spend a few days on this one.  Ella Kate {5} loved sewing the heart.  All my ribbon is in storage and all we had was colorful yarn so we used that instead (clearly not as cute) but it worked. She enjoyed cutting out all the pieces (cut and paste is her favorite thing to do right now) so these lapbooks are great for her motor skills.  She had the most fun with the water color heart and she did a fantastic job! 

   Double lapbook:
This is a double lapbook ~ 
Glue two folders together
Heart with Bible Verse ~ “Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads”. Hole punch around the heart and sew ribbon through it.  
Tic Tac Toe with Jesus (Red and Blue) pieces.  
We made pockets to hold the pieces.  
Different Size Hearts to put in order ~ 
It’s also the song to “Jesus Loves Me
Upper and Lower Case Letters ~ We played this game
 like “Go Fish” to identify and match each letter.
Water Color ~ First color the Cross with a white crayon.  
Then paint all of the heart [including the cross].  We used a q-tip instead of a brush to paint and it worked great. 

This lapbook included too many things to list.  I wanted to share a few ideas with you just in time for Valentines.  We will begin another one in February.  One thing I realized while doing this lapbook is that no matter how often we share Jesus with our children it is still not enough.  Our children are hungry for the Word of God and we should not just assume they are being fed enough by attending Sunday School and Church Services.  I thank God for our children.  My husband and I teach them and read to them about Jesus, and they love it.  It is our job to teach them to Love like Jesus!  

Jesus Loves Me ~ Jesus Loves You!
Stephany Dedman
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