There are a few things you must do as a Texan and The State Fair is one of them!

We LOVED it!!! We all had a great time and made great family memories. We spent about 6 hours and was exhausted by the end of the night but it was fun! Fried food, rides, music, parade, animals and did I mention fried food?  The food is enough to go for trust me, especially the fried hotdogs and funnel cake! 

It is a long day out there and a lot of things to do. Be prepared! They do check your bags, but they allowed my backpack. Dress for comfort and take sunscreen. Take wipes and Zip lock bags for all those messy foods and left overs in case you don’t want to throw it away and waste your 30 coupons. You buy coupons to pay for everything!  The best money we spent was on the refilled drinks.  With four of us it was worth the money.  We should have purchased it when we first walked in.  
We watched the animal races (free) which in my opinion was cute, but way too hot! There was no air flow in the place and once you seen one you were done.  We loved the Barn animals. We were expecting “barn animals” right? Well we walk in and there stands a baby giraffe! We all fell in love and spent the next thirty minutes standing awe! We were all in love with the big fella!  We could have stayed in “the barn” most of the day!  We got to feed goats, zebras and a camel!  They provide hand sanitizer, but I would take wipes (mine were literally brown after wiping my kids off).  If you time it just right like we did you can enjoy the parade after seeing the animals.  This was a great ending to our night.  The kids loved it! It was a great day out with the family and friends and is definitley something we will make a family tradition each year!

         {Look at the love on her face}

Stephany Dedman
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