Where do I even begin? We spent the day at the State Fair.  So many things to do and so much fun! The only reason I go is for the food. Seriously good food! I had the turkey leg, which by the way will feed three people… I know because we did it. The girls got a funnel cake and Stephen had the biggest sausage on a stick I’ve ever seen. All delicious!!! 


The girls literally couldn’t decide what to ride. I think they just couldn’t comprehend all that excitement. Ella Kate rode the log twice. I think she found something she trusted and stuck with it. Emily rode the log and another ride with her daddy. It was a little scary so she had to talk herself into doing it. She was glad she did it, but said she probably wouldn’t do it again.   
The best bang for your buck is to find a station with the souvenir cups and use your 4 tickets to refill it. That saved us a ton of money. Also if you save your cup for the next year take it back with you, they will let you use them!   


This giraffe stayed in the corner licking the poles the whole time. So no good pic for us. 

Once again the zoo animals were the biggest hit for us. It is free which is also a big plus since everything else takes a ton of tickets. We liked the horse show but is is very hot inside. We always wait for the parade. Can’t leave without seeing it, although this year we almost missed it because we were so ready to go. It was a long day, but was worth it. 

Extra fun through the day:


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