Yippee…one week out of school!!! Sleeping late, getting to go places and not worry about having to be back just in time for pick up, I can hardly contain myself.  We are all doing really good…Stephen has been busy working, the girls are always at 150% energy and I am starting to make time for my crafting!  I hope we will be able to fit in this summer more family time with those that we do not get to see as often as we would like.  Life is just too short to not be with the ones you love.  Church is still going strong!  The Lord is working in His mighty way and we surley know that His presence is here. 

Just a couple more weeks and our pool will be open!  I can’t wait to see Ella Kate and Emily playing together in it this year.  Ella Kate loves the water as much as her sissy so they should have tons of fun in the sun. I hope our Summer last a long time!

I can’t believe we are already in April, and Easter will be here before you know it.  What a specail time of year it is for me.  A rememberance that our Lord is Alive!  Glory isn’t that encouraging to know.  Many people still act as though He is still in the grave.  I hope you have a wonderful church that preaches He is well Alive!  If not, find one!!!

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