Oh the joys of waiting for the snow to come! There is so much excitement when you go to bed and wake up to a winter wonderland.  We were at the pig show on Wednesday and by the time we left the roads were covered in ice.  It was a little tricky getting home.  We all went to bed and woke up to pure white fluffy snow covering the ground.  We have really enjoyed the snow the snow here in Texas.  This time it is fluffy and fun to play in. We got about 4″ and in some areas even more. 

We made some snow cream that was delicious and didn’t last long around here! Can you see that they didn’t share much with me?  

Big bowl of Snow
Sweeten condensed milk
Braum’s 2% milk (one of my favorite things about living in Texas) Vanilla to taste

The girls made a snow girl  A girl with a cute pink scarf. Ella Kate is hoping she comes alive like Olaf.  They could hardly carry the body it was so heavy, but a little team work and they did it! 

Daddy joined in on the fun! We ended up around the back of the house. The snow was deep because of the wind blowing through the night. It’s almost up to Ella Kate’s knees!

It was a fun day playing and spending time with the girls. We ended up stripping down the layers and stayed in for the evening watching Fox and The Hound by the fireplace. Early to bed, it has been a long week! 

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