The holidays are over and there stands the dreadful tree and decorations. I know it happens in your house too, right? Well I had seen this on Pinterest and loved the idea, but was afraid of all my glass ornaments breaking in the move of getting it out the door.  Today is January 8th and ours still stood in our living room corner taking up space. Only reminding me the Christmas had come and gone. 
A friend brought me some heavy duty shrink wrap (the kind pallets are covered in) she got it at Lowe’s.  I guess you could use the Saran Wrap, but I didn’t trust it because it is a lot thinner and it would have taken many rolls. This worked great and was a very thick texture securing everything just as I had wanted. Here are a few suggestions: 
1.  Leave everything on the tree.
2. Tuck the glass ornaments in and push a few branches in front of it for a little added protection. 
3.  Start the wrap in the middle and go down the tree. Then come back to the top. **Do NOT cut the wrap. Use all of the wrap you can for extra thickness. Go from bottom to the top up the side. 
4.  Turn the tree on the side and wrap the bottom. Do not leave any holes for the mice to make bedding through the winter. 
5.  The last and most important thing is to wrap from the bottom back to the top and back down. A complete circle around the tree (top to bottom) to keep the pieces from coming apart. Ours are 3 interlocking so this helps it to all stay together when carrying it out. 

You can see here how the wrap goes from bottom back to the top. Do not cut until the end! 

Completely covered top to bottom

Nothing broke squeezing through the door so everything went as planned! Too bad I haven’t done this sooner. I‘ll let you know how it goes unwrapping it next year! 

Stephany Dedman
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