We took the girls school shopping at Target to get some fun new supplies and then lunch at Logan’s.  They were so excited! I love this time of year as I watch the love for learning come so alive in both my girls.  Trust me I take full advantage of these next few months because it does not last all year.  

 I watch them make good choices of back packs and pencils etc., and as they go through each piece when we get home the excitement rises.  The big day is when we get their curriculum delivered to our door! 

 Ella Kate will be 1st grade this year.  We chose Abeka. We received it just a few days ago and she cannot wait to dig in it. She ask everyday can she please just start school already.  

 Emily will be 7th grade this year {sigh} I still can’t believe it. We have chose AOP Monarch. An online curriculum she has done before and loved it. She is excited to get to use her own laptop this year that she got for Christmas.  I love it too because it does all the grading for me so that will free up some of my time to work more with Ella Kate. 

 We are all excited and look forward to a great year! We start September 1st. 

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