School is going great! I love watching the girls learn and grow each day. Ella Kate can now recognize all her alphabets and can write each one. She reads small site readers and knows her numbers. Emily has been working on so many different new things, she loves to be challenged so I have been making each day new and fun.

We have new puppies (Sandy & Joe). The we’re about to be taken to the shelter and Stephen couldn’t say no. Their other 5 siblings were not so lucky. We have 2 ducks that we got at Easter that are almost ready to be put in the lake. They are so cute and already follow the girls around everywhere.

We are getting ready for Spring Break and are counting down the days to go to the beach (Gulf Shores). The girls love it there. This is always our time as a family to get one on one time with each other and eat a lot of seafood!

Not long till summer will be here! We are definitely looking forward to it!!!


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