Woohoo!!!! I can’t believe this time has come so quickly.  My baby girl is now 2 years and 3 months old and is completly potty trained = )  Yes, excited about the money that will be saved on not having to buy anymore diapers, but  a little sad to see her become such a big girl.  I am so proud of her though, she is so smart to still be so little.  We have been doing the training now for several months and she would be fine at home until we went to bed at night or left the house.  A couple of weeks ago I took her to church and just let her wear her big girl panties and she did fine.  Then we had to go to Trussville, 2 hours away to a doctor’s visit and I just wanted to see if she would still be a big girl ( we took the potty with us) and she did great!  Now happy to say she has not had on a diaper all month!  Way to go Ella Kate!  Funny what makes a mommy proud is the little things.

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