Whew am I tired and oh so sore!!!! We have finally moved into the apartment at Auburn #602. I helped my hubby move every piece big and small. After 4 ibuprofen and air on 72 I slept like a baby.  I am impressed at how nice and clean it is. It comes with a lot of great amenities.  We woke up this morning and went swimming and jumped in the hot tub and after lunch and a nap for EK and daddy I think we will play a little family golf.  This will be home away from home until we sale our house. The girls are enjoying it just because it is different, I guess to them it feels like we’re on vacation in a condo. They just need to learn to use their indoor voices (although) EK said she didn’t have one : ) 

I’ve gotta get busy making a wreath for the door.

A lot of changes in our lives to come, we look forward to what all The Lord is already doing in our lives. We met a sweet couple yesterday at lunch and we just sat for hours talking about church and our Lord! Thank you Lord for these opportunities. 
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