Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
We celebrated our first Christmas in Texas! It is always a very special time for our family. We have special traditions that make Christmas meaningful and memories that will last a lifetime for the girls.  Hopefully it will be traditions that they carry on with their families one day.  

From our candle light service, trip to Galleria Dallas, two Christmas Cantata’s at church, Sunday School party, wrapping presents, baking cookies…etc. it was a busy month. We missed our families terribly, but having our church family made it better.  They have loved us and our girls from day one…well maybe even before that.  I know they have shown their love for us way before we got here. They are all so very precious to us. We are thankful and blessed that The Lord brought us to First Baptist Dorchester and has blessed us with wonderful family here. 

This was a tough Christmas for Emily! This was the first time for her knowing about Santa.  During our move she found the elves one day in the garage. We told her now she joins our team,  the Santa team! I don’t think we even knew how to do that or what that meant as Christmas came.  We tried keeping everything the same and it just wasn’t the same. 

As we shopped we kept everything from her and was secretive. It was not working because she wanted to be a part of us now.  So on Christmas Eve we really let her join in on our side and it was magical! She got to be part of the Santa team.  It was the same as all the years before but this time we had an extra helper. However, it made me realize she is becoming a beautiful young lady. Although we are transitioning from a little girl, I love who I see in her. She is loving and kind and has the biggest heart for the Lord. Her eyes gleamed Christmas morning and filled with tears of joy as she entered the living room. She was thankful. She was that little girl once more.

Ella Kate with Lilly Anna
Galleria Dallas
Ella Kate was excited and her eyes gleamed as she saw all the presents.  She doesn’t ask about Santa like Emily always has. Thankfully we have many years left to treasure the magic of Christmas. The best of Christmas in our home comes with singing Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior! Birthday’s are very special in our home and we make His a celebration!  I hope your Christmas was wonderful too! Hope you all have a wonderful and Blessed Year 2015!

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