We finally just jumped in the car and left.  No plans. No idea where we were headed.  My favorite kind of trips.  We definitely needed this overdue time away.  We only went about two hours away but it was nice.  We checked in at the Hilton, in Grapevine, TX for an over night stay.  The girls didn’t even want to leave the pool for food, but we convinced them finally that we would come back and swim.  We went to the mall and grabbed a bite at the Rainforest Cafe’.  This time Ella Kate wasn’t scared of it.

It was nice to just spend time with Stephen and the girls.  It was great except me waking up Saturday sick with strep throat, urgggg.  Leave it to me to ruin a good thing. At least we were headed home that day anyways.  It was still a very relaxing, fun overnight trip.  We hope to do again soon!      
Ella Kate is such a mommas girl right now she wouldn’t even get her picture with her daddy.  She loves to aggravate him anyway she can.  She is a stinker for sure!

The girls love doing stunts with daddy.  Putting their gymnastics to good use.  Ella Kate is the dare devil, she loves to be thrown high. Emily is still more reserved, thank goodness!  They both keep us on our toes though! They are both my sunshine and I enjoy every minute with them. Can’t wait until our next getaway, hopefully we will all be well next time.

Extra fun moments!

Silly faces

It was freezing! Way too cold for me.


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