So much has happened since my last post, where to begin! I have been praying about this journey for two years and with my husband not in agreement I just kept praying. I struggled with our school system and the things being taught within it. I hate the drama that even a third grader goes through. Even though my child was a straight A student, had many friends and excelled in everything she did, I seem to struggle with this voice inside saying it wasn’t the right thing. Our church (those who wanted to) went on a 21 day fast. I ask my husband to pray about this with me. I ask the Lord to either speak to my husband or change my heart! On day 3 he came to me and said yes! Things moved quickly and I found myself not knowing where to begin and had all of a sudden become a little terrified with all these questions, am I capable of teaching my children, how to begin, what curriculum, which cover school?? How much will all this cost us?? I prayed and researched and the Lord heard my prayers. Suddenly, everything came into place and a lot sooner than I had expected. We were looking at starting with the new year but our cover school said what are you waiting for? I was thrilled that we didn’t have to wait! After opening our eyes just waiting would have made me miserable and the Lord knew it. Thank you Jesus!!!

Our girls are so excited about school they ask can they do it on Saturday’s. I have a 3rd grader and a 3 year old. Our curriculum is much harder than anything she brought home from public school, she loves it and does great. EK is already reading small sight readers, yes even at 3 yo! It has been amazing to me how small they can learn. Life is a classroom make it fun!

If you are questioning can you do it too answer this?
Who taught your child to sit up, crawl, walk, feed themselves, dress themselves, brush their teeth & hair, their first word, manners, ABC’s, and how to count,….etc. If you can teach them all the basics of life you can teach them academics with the help of great curriculum. We love it!

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