Summer is Here!!! Finally, we look forward to our Summer’s. Especially now that Emily is in school. It is just good to have her back for a while. We are doing good. I only have a few minutes on here while Ella Kate is sleeping for her nap. Stephen is very busy working right now. (It is Summer) But no complaints! We are blessed that he is busy. But it does get hot and humid here in Alabama. Church is going great! Our Memorial Day Services is this Sunday and we are also dedicating Ella Kate to the Lord this Sunday Morning Service. Saturday we are finally having Emily a Big 6th BirthdaySwimming Party. We were at the Beach on the day of her birthday May 29th and we have been busy every other weekend. She is excited! She has just lost her first tooth and Ella Kate is just getting her first one in! They are such a blessing! We are so blessed where the Lord has took us through the years but we feel most at home here in Woodland.
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