This is my backyard. It’s a wheat field and as bad as I hate to see it go this is actually one of my favorite things about living here. It is beautiful to watch grow. It’s beautiful and green then just like that it’s golden and ready to harvest. 

When they harvest the crops it’s time to pull up a chair and we just watch them. The combines are huge and they are everywhere and going every which way. I love it we could sit for hours and just watch. 
The only bad thing about it is my allergies go crazy, but it’s not going to stop me from watching them. I just need my allergy trio roller bottle (essential oils) on hand and all is right again. 
Harvesting makes me think about how we plant seeds as Christians but God does the harvesting on His timing. The ones that we share the gospel with may still need some growing until He’s ready! 
Maybe you’ve been sharing the gospel with someone. Maybe your tired or feel like nothing you say or do is helping. Maybe it’s been years. Maybe you feel like giving up?  
Here’s my encouragement to you, don’t do it. Don’t you give up! You continue to water that seed! God will do His harvesting when He’s ready! We are just the planter, someone else may be the sower, another may be the weed control, but God will always  get the harvest on time! 



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