Well we have just begun another New Year!  The weather here in Alabama has been cold, snowy, and icy.  Emily has been out of school for a whole week because of the winter storm.  We are all doing very good but is glad to be back in routine.  I am personally ready for Summer : ) I can’t wait for the sun to be beating down so hot we’re all complaining again and to be outside with the girls playing and swimming in the pool.  I can’t wait to cookout almost every night on the grill and oh how I love those summer nights of hearing the crickets and frogs chirp and sing their songs on the lake outside our bedroom window in perfect harmony.  It has already been a busy month of the new year.  I already find myself asking where January has gone.  Is any of you out there doing the same thing?  I can remember being a kid thinking time must be standing still, wishing my days away and now I just wish I had more hours in one day to get more things done.

Emily is taking tumbling and is doing her back handspring and loves every minute of it.  She is still making all A’s in school.  She is having the best year ever!  I wish every year could be this good for her.  I give so much credit to her teacher, she is truly a gifted teacher that loves her 2nd grade class.  This year has spoiled both of us.  You know it’s good when your child can’t wait to go to school, even after being out for the winter weather she said “mommy can I go back to school please?”  That makes it easy for me even though I miss her like crazy.

Ella Kate is growing into such a little toddler now.  Her baby features are slowly dissappearing and she is becoming such a big girl.  She carries on somewhat of a babbling conversation with us, somehow clearly understanding what she wants even with us only being able to hear every other word.  I believe she is a daddy’s girl, at least during this stage.  She absolutley loves her daddy!  She teases me by only giving him kisses and calling me to watch while she gives them to him.  She is going to the potty and is still only wearing a diaper to bed and if we leave, Huge accomplishment for her to do at still such a young age! 

I am so blessed and I thank the Lord everyday for my hard working, patient and loving husband.  He is my rock and I don’t know where I would be without his help everyday.  We are going to look back and miss these days that are going by so quickly.  I’m going to miss the pitter patter of the little feet running in the house, because if Ella Kate is up she is running!  I’m going to miss Emily’s little voice of sweet words of how much she loves me and how she still wants me to meet her for lunch at school.  I complain of how dirty my house is and how there are toys everywhere, but then I stop and think without the mess and the toys will be an empty nest.  I’m thankful I still have many years to spend with them before that day comes and I will gladly except the mess to have my girls running through the house. 

These were just some thought’s I have had on my mind today and just wanted to share!


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