It had been storming through most of the night.  As the morning came the storm got more angry in our small Texas community.  It was the kind of storm where you were trying to sleep but couldn’t because of the bright lights popping down and loud booms.  Morning had come, but was still very dark skies when we woke up to a LOUD BOOM and all we could see was fire outside our bedroom window covering the sky.  My husband screams “our neighbors house is on fire!”  He jumps in the truck and heads over to check on our neighbor while me and the girls are just praying for a miracle that somehow our neighbor  made it out of that house.  It all happened so quick!  All we could do was watch and pray.  My husband calls back to let us know that it was not a house but it was oil pumps that had caught on fire and were exploding. {Praise God} A huge sigh of relief and thankfulness!!!

I was thankful and relieved in that moment that God had protected our neighbors.  It was a reminder though how sudden a life can be gone.   We had just sat with this neighbor, laughed and fellowshipped and said see ya tomorrow, but really we never know if we will get that tomorrow.  It made me realize hug your friends, family and neighbors.  Tell them you love them for tomorrow may not come.

So after saying all that, we will now begin Fire Drills in our home! Every second counts and when you are faced in the moment of fear you can become paralized!  Seconds become minutes and that is way too long and that is time that you simply don’t have. 
Don’t know where to begin? Me either…
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