Shopping centers fill up quickly and the restaurants you can’t even hardly get in on Valentine’s Day.  With it being on a Saturday this year we planned ahead. We took advantage of going out and spending a day together on Friday! Leaving Saturday for those crazy young love birds that are willing to wait for hours (been there and done that). 

Valentine’s Day is an exciting day for us girls. Stephen makes it special showing his love in a special way and makes us each feel like a princess. The girls get all giggly wondering what daddy has planned for them.  He always has the table covered with the tin big heart candy and tons of other goodies. We get to spend the day out together and just have some fun! 
This year we went to the Frisco mall. It is a nice mall that has all our favorite places.  Ella Kate changed her mind several times of what she wanted (she couldn’t decide between a bear or American Doll clothes) but she finally decided on a Build A Bear. This has kind of been a Valentine’s tradition so I guess she didn’t want to change it.

Emily is growing like crazy and wanted to get some clothes and shoes (she is at that age). Then we went to get pedicures and relax for a little while. This was great getting to spend time with the girls.  We tried to get daddy to join us but he declined saying it’s just for the girls. We ended the evening early at Joe’s Crab Shack. We had a great time and spent the evening at home eating chocolates.

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