Grilling, swimming & fireworks! That sums up our day. We have had a fantastic & blessed Independence Day!

My hubby had the grill full all day! Blackberry cobbler & homemade ice cream for dessert. It was a relaxing fun filled day.

Ella Kate started swimming all by herself. She had been watching Emily and wanted to do it like her and today she decided to take her floaties off and just do it. She did great! I was so proud of her to be only 3 she did great. Emily helped her so much by being a big sissy and telling her about when she learned to swim at the beach when she was only 4! EK was proud of herself and you could see it with a big grin & a thumbs up!!!

Emily and daddy were trying to water ski with just a rope. Then ended up with a tub in the pool as a boat. They had so much fun!

We ended the day with a sweet family in our church. They did a show of fireworks and it was amazing! Great memories were made today! I love my family!!! Hope your day was blessed as well.

Happy Independence Day! God Bless!!!

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