It’s been forever since sharing anything so I’m going to do several post through Christmas. Mainly because I’m off and have the time, PTL.  I just finished my finals on my two classes at Liberty.  These were very tough classes for me on Church History and the book of Acts. Through a lot of tears, I’m finally finished…woohoo!!

  We took Papaw Dedman to see the lights at Loy Lake while he was here for Thanksgiving.  It’s a nice display of lights to take the family to. Our favorite was the Wise men scene (I didn’t even get a picture I was so intrigued looking at it). Mr. Bledsoe had told us to go see it because he had just replaced all the bulbs to led lights and it was beautiful! 

  We finally started our shopping and took the girls to the Dallas Galleria. This is a fun time of year not only for shopping but to get out and experience the magic.  The girls have really enjoyed shopping for me and Stephen this year. Normally we just buy for them but they wanted to participate this year.  They are so fun to listen to how they are hiding what they got.  Ella Kate does really good to be just seven years old.  She even tried to get us to think it’s one thing to defer us. Emily is more like her daddy and is very decisive when shopping.  Just like everything else she is very determined to find the perfect gift.  
  We went to the American Girl Store which was the highlight of Ella Kate’s day.  She squealed and jumped up and down with excitement.  It was tricky getting her Santa gift out of there, thank goodness I brought my roller bag. She now has her whole Birthday planned for next year! 

    We went to Frisco square and met up with The Quintero’s to watch Santa and his Elf parachute in.  This was so much fun! The elf was doing flips in the air before his landing, it was an exciting show.  It was fun catching up with friends and watching all the kids hang out. 


Church has been busy the last couple of months.  It seems like we just cleaned up from the Fall Festival and boom it was Christmas! Our kids worked very hard and did a wonderful job!  I am so very proud of them.  I have had so many people complement them for what a great job they did.  They are my heart and such a blessing to me.  I enjoy spending time and listening to them each Wednesday night.  We have the best group of kids and Youth! 

Santa made a visit to the church during the fellowship with a grand entrance on his fire truck!  The kids were all lined up and ready to greet him.  Ella Kate had to have her baby join in for the picture. 

Can you see the red face and embarrassment on Emily here?  Santa basically made her sit and talk to him.  I am thankful because I was able to at least get one more picture of her with him.  She has grown up way to fast.  

This is my favorite picture of Ella and Santa!  She was very serious with her list this year.  She kept it simple asking for four things.  Santa was at our chiropractor.  While we were getting adjusted, I looked and she had went back just to sit and talk with him.  She wanted to ask him what he wanted for Christmas and what kind of cookies were his favorite.  Emily use to do the same thing.  I love that they have the heart to care about others, it’s not all about them.  

With all the busy fun it’s easy to get caught up and forget why and who we are celebrating.  This Christmas celebrate Jesus!  We are celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and we are continuing to remind our girls through all the hustle and bustle and fun activities.  It’s also a good reminder for us.  I pray that you and your family have a wonderful blessed Christmas.  


Stephany Dedman

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