Fernbank Museum isn’t just another museum-it’s a journey to another time and place. A visit to the Museum brings a unique opportunity to explore cultural treasures, enjoy science interactives and marvel at the largest dinosaurs ever discovered.

Begin your visit to Fernbank Museum with a stop in this pedestrian-friendly outdoor space. The centerpiece of the plaza is a family of bronze dinosaurs poised to greet visitors as they arrive at the Museum.

Fernbank NatureQuest

This all-new interactive experience will transform visitors into explorers, scientists and adventurers as they discover the many wonders of the natural world through hundreds of hands-on activities and immersive encounters.

A Walk Through Time in Georgia

Explore the natural history of Georgia and the story of our planet as you journey through lifelike geographic regions and historic re-creations. Highlights include a dinosaur gallery, a giant sloth, a cave, and the sights and sounds of the Okefenokee Swamp.

Sensing Nature

Stimulate your senses with lasers, mirrors, water, acoustics and more! Sensing Nature playfully demonstrates the role of our senses in interpreting our environment. Interactive stations demonstrate how our senses sometimes interpret visual and audial cues, which can sometimes lead to false perceptions. As you gain a better understanding of how your senses work together to understand the environment, learn how your senses work together to understand the weather. Witness a tornado forming right before your eyes, then step into the forecasting station and deliver your own TV weather report.

 Weather Girls On the Green Screen 

Homeschool Opportunities

All groups, regardless of size, are encouraged to take advantage of special free downloadable resources. Available resources include scavenger hunts, curriculum correlations for exhibitions and films, coloring sheets and more. 



Make the most of your visit to Fernbank Museum by downloading FREE scavenger hunts, exhibition guides and Scout resources to complete before, during and after your visit. Click on any link below:

Fun Activities

Scavenger Hunts


Fernbank Museum of Natural History
767 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

This is a great place for a Field Trip! Have you been or are you planning to go? There is so much to see and do. Plan to spend several hours here if you go.  “Learning begins outside the classroom”.

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