{Posting late but still worth posting} 

I wanted to share our expierence of making our very first wreath together.  I have made them before but this time Emily wanted to to make mostly by herself.  I believe Emily loves crafting as much as I do. We are always sewing, crafting, cooking or something together.  Recently she asked to do a wreath. Fall is here and it was a perfect day to do it with the leaves starting to fall.  We headed out to Hobby Lobby to get out supplies. 


1. Wire wreath $3
2. Burlap $3.99 per yard
3. Ribbon $5.99 plus 50% off 
Plus I used my 40% coupon!
I had everything else:
4. Gauge wire
5. Wire cutters
6. Door hanger
We added some cute decorations that I already had and tada it was complete!

{We made it for about $10} it really needed another yard of burlap to look full, but we were trying to get out cheap. 

Every time she opened the door you could see how proud she was of it. She said “it’s a nice craft to welcome us home” and I agree! 

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