This is Emily’s show pig “Chester”. He has grown to a whopping 218 lbs. and is 2 weeks from showing at Loy Lake in County 4-H.  He is a happy go lucky kind of pig. 
I am very proud of Emily for working so hard. There have only been a few times she wasn’t up early feeding and that was because she was sick. She has taken very good care of her pig. She has kept his stall clean, bathed, walked and fed on schedule. She has him so spoiled all she has to do is rub his tummy and he falls to the ground and enjoys the belly rubs. 
Chester has been good for Emily this year. Having something to care for and to have responsibilities each day. We have used this as part of our schooling and education. She has taken her online class and has her certificate. It has been great to be part of the Texas 4-H Development Program, there are some really good resources to be involved in with this program. 

County show is coming up, so cheer Emily and Chester on as she prepares for her last show this year. I think Emily is ready, except to say goodbye.

From the first day she loved him

Look how small 

Our show is March 4th 

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