Em had her first competition at the Allen center bright and early on Jan. 23rd at 8:20 AM. We had to arrive at 8 AM to get her checked in and stretched.

  It was all going so fast.  We grabbed our seats and she came out and did her round and it was over in just a few quick minutes. I was so proud of her and the others for just getting out there. I was so nervous for her, I don’t think I even breathed during her tumbling.  

  Immediately they took and placed them and Em came in first! Wow how exciting to see our girl grow in great confidence. We thank the Lord for who she is and all her hard work she has applied. 

  It’s not about the medal or the win its about working hard and doing the best you can. We remind her that often in sports. Especially when you only have a few minutes doing it. No regrets. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we looked at leading others to Christ like that. We only have a few minutes to share the gospel. Some may reject it but we prepare hard everyday. When we get the opportunity, we share the best to our ability, then we have done our best. No regrets! 



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