Can I just brag for a moment?  I am so proud of this little girl.  She has worked hard this year and has learned beyond more than I thought I could ever teach her.  She has been such a joy to teach, soaking in everything new that was brought to her each day.  She knew her alphabets before we ever started Kindergarten.  This year she she learned her phonics and started reading early in the year.  She is amazing at Math and loves it! It is her favorite thing to do each morning.  

  There has been many milestones this year, including tying her shoes, loosing her two bottom front teeth, counting by 5’s and 10’s, skipping, and learning so many new things, too many to list. 

She loves watching her learning videos and spends much time on each subject.  One of her favorite things is to sit with Emily while she does Science.  She is fascinated with all the things her sissy is learning too.  She can’t wait to be a First grader!  She always seems much bigger than she should be because she is so smart.  She also loves Bible time which is one of our sweetest moments.  She ask a lot of questions about everything.  

  During play time she wants to jump on the trampoline and do flips everywhere.  She takes private lessons at gymnastics and does great at that {told you I was going to brag}.  But she is an amazing little girl that I am so very proud of.  Welcome to First grade Ella Kate!!! Can’t wait to see what next year holds for you! 







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