What a sweet time to rejoice for another birthday.  She is in love with Belle from Beauty and The Beast.  We made her a Belle cake and she was a happy little girl.  Her birthday fell on a Wednesday so we celebrated at church which is where all our friends were that loved her anyways.  It was sweet to watch her little face light up as everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.  A little embarrassed but you could see the grin that she loved it. 

 We had a birthday bear that sings at church and she was scared to death of that thing.  I don’t think she will ever forget it.  I can’t believe she is already two! She has the sweetest little voice, says the sweetest little things and has those cute curls that I hope never go away.  I love this stage of life, she is my sunshine.  Happy Birthday sweet baby girl, I love you so very much!!! 











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