Some of the cutest stages are when the kiddos start loosing teeth.  With the tooth fairy coming it is an exciting time around our house, fairy glitter and all! Ella Kate worked on wiggling her first tooth loose for many days.  She wasn’t even a little bit scared, she had her eye on the prize!  We went to Whataburger, (which seems to be the common place to pull teeth for our girls) with some friends from church {Whitney}, whom is great at pulling teeth, lol! Ok so they go in the bathroom and come out with a tooth! She was so excited and looked quite cute if I may say so. 


September 13, 2014
So then the next bottom tooth became loose and same thing, she wiggles for days.  We were at home late one night and she was determined she wanted that money and tooth fairy to come. I took her in the bathroom and gave it a good pull and out it came. She was thrilled!!! Isn’t she a cutie without her teeth?  Of course I think so! 

September 23, 2014
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