Ella Kate wanted to go shopping for her 7th birthday instead of having a big party.  Her birthday was actually on a Wednesday and we had church so we had planned to celebrate at church with everyone.  We started on Monday celebrating with letting her choose lunches and dinners.  She chose Olive Garden, IHOP and Chick-fil-a throughout the week.  She wanted to shop at Claire’s for some earrings and get some shoes and outfits at Belk. She got some really cute things and had so much fun shopping for all of it. 

 She chose a cookie cake with pink icing and we also ordered cupcakes to take to the church. It was a great celebration for a very special girl! She woke up to her birthday cupcake candle as we always do. Emily had decorated the house with balloons and streamers. 

 When she got up the first thing she wanted to do was open the gift from Emily, a cabbage patch baby that drinks a bottle and pees. Other gifts given were from Aunt Judy, Papaw Dedman, Mia, Ginger, Carol, Chase and Ry. Tons of sweet cards were given and so many messages on my Facebook of love that I read to her throughout the day.  One of the best surprises were the elves, Carrie and Missy coming for the big day! I cried seeing the timehop photos pop up on my Facebook of her past birthday’s she asked why I was crying and I told her because she’s not my little baby anymore and she dropped her baby in my lap and said well here.She is such a fun little girl and I love every stage of life with her. Happy Birthday Ella Kate! You are my sunshine. 

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