Today is our baby girls birthday. She enters a new group…the pre-teens, the big double digits….the Big 1-0, the group where everything as we know it changes because the baby face and baby fat is now gone and they now somehow have their own agenda, their own look and opinions?! They start carrying purses and wanting to wear a small amount of make-up because hormones are raging and their little body is changing in so many different ways of trying to grow up.  The age where they think and want to be so big but yet want so badly to still believe in all the fairy tales {“secretly”}.

I have to admit my heart is sad to say goodbye to the simple single digits. They were the simple days of boo boo’s, sticky hands and face and late nights reading in bed…., etc.
However even though she is growing up, I look forward to seeing her blossom into who and what God has created her to be. I look forward to each change of her life and each milestone. I will miss when she stops calling me mommy {sigh} because I know that is near and one day I will be just mom {sigh}. But I cherish each change of her life. I love her to pieces and I am so thankful and blessed for her to call me anything as long as she calls for me often. I think it’s just the part of being needed.
That’s just how The Lord is with us isn’t it? He just wants to be loved and needed. I need Him daily but sometimes I think I’m “big” and maybe I can do it on my own so I forget to call out to Him. Are you like that?  The closer I get to Him I realize just how small I am. Father forgive me for thinking I’m so Big at times. I am nothing without you!
So today I want to wish our sweet girl a very Happy Birthday!!! I love you with all my heart. You make me so proud!!! You have the biggest heart to be just 10. Hope your day is filled with many blessings! Even though your getting so big God is so much bigger always call upon Him. Happy 10th Birthday baby girl I love you!!!!!! !
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