We have started back to home school this month.  Let the fun begin!  This means everyday I get to be creative.  I really wanted to start a new tradition this year. We are big on traditions at our house and we’re always trying to add new ones that will be special each year to look forward to. 
I always have the girls a treat bag. It’s different each year. This year it was filled with goodies and school supplies like erasers, pencils, etc. and includes candy.  This year our bags were fun colors {each girls favorite} and filled with smarties and dum dum suckers with an attached card that read…. “I’m looking for smarties this year not dum dum’s.”  It also included a box of whoppers that said “It’s going to be a whopper of a year.” They love this part of the first day of school!
This year we added to our traditions.  We thought going to eat breakfast would be great family time.  The girls got to choose and they chose iHOP.  We got to talk about about what our morning had been like and what we wanted our year to be like.  This is definitely going to be a tradition to keep.
Before the clothes are stained and wrinkled and the hair is crazy we run outside to get our back to school pictures {Emily actually didn’t make it} she dropped strawberries on her shirt at breakfast and had to change!  
Taking pictures each year is a great way to let them see how much they have grown and changed at the end of each year.  I like to throw in their backpacks in a picture just for memories. 

Once we have gotten settled in school work and get down our routine {normally after week one} we will go through and pick out some bible verses that will keep us encouraged throughout the year.  It is nice to watch how excited they get when they have accomplished it and watch Emily help Ella Kate with hers. 
Do you have back to school traditions? If not you can always start.  We love it!  It is exciting to start back with FUN!!!  
Serving Christ, 
Stephany Dedman

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