Well hello friends, 

It’s been a very busy Summer for me. I just got back from Kids Camp. I arrived on Thursday evening at 3:00 PM and my husband was loaded and ready for us to go camping for the weekend. 

It was much needed time to relax and hang out with my kiddos and husband. We got to swim and eat and eat some more. That’s just what we do when we camp. 

I came home with horrible allergies and that’s really all I felt like doing was eating, floating in the lake and sleeping. I have never experienced allergies while being in Alabama, so this is all new to me. I have decided something grows in Texas that my body dislikes very much! With a lot of help from my essential oils I’m starting to feel normal again. 

I just ordered the girls curriculum for this year. We are excited to get back to normal with our days. I work better on a schedule. How about you guys? Are you ready for normal days to be back also? I hope to share more about our year and looking for more fun to be included this year for sure! 

If you have any suggestions for us of things to do here in Texas please leave a comment, I am making my list. 

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