A wonderful look back of our first year at FBC Dorchester!  I can’t believe it’s already been a year… say what?#*!  This year has passed so quickly, but we have enjoyed every minute of it.  We are so blessed to be here. It has been busy. It has been blessed.  We look forward to many more. We are so thankful for each of your sweet cards and thoughtfulness and love for us. The fellowship meal Sunday was a wonderful surprise to me.  I pray the Lord blesses each of you for your kindness and love that you have shown to us. 

When we came to Dorchester for our visit and found the church, we sat in the parking lot and prayed.  One of my prayer request was “Lord,  if you are calling us here then please take care of us.” He has done that in so many ways. Even though we are many miles from most of our family He has provided us with several family members! We may only be blood through Jesus, but we are Family! BTW that’s the best kind of kin folks.  There’s a special kind of bond between believers.  

We celebrate our 1st year officially on April 6th.  That was our first Sunday at FBC Dorchester.  We have seen so many people grow spiritually. We have seen kids grow up that will be youth in a few short months. We have experienced a great work of The Lord through 40 baptisms and many new  members.  We have seen engagements and marriages. I wouldn’t trade this year for anything.  My cup over flows with love and thankfulness.  We are so unworthy to get to be a part of something this special.  All I can say is thank you Lord for your blessings and direction in leading us to Dorchester, TX.  Thank you to everyone that welcomed us with loving arms. Thank you to everyone that has allowed us to be a part of your lives this past year.  We are expecting The Lord’s great blessings to continue.  We can’t wait to see what The Lord has in store for our church this year! 
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